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Master in Information Professions: Communication, Lobbying, Media

Communication Political sciences , Initial training Executive education

Nombre d'heures de formation

847 hours

Durée de la formation

2 years

Coût de la formation

price of the national master's degree, indicative for the year 2022/23, 243 euros

Responsable(s) pédagogique(s)


Political Science, Communication, Journalism

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Sciences Po Aix offers a master’s course in partnership with EJCAM focused on professions in which information is the raw material and the main professional skill. The courses are organized by Sciences Po Aix and the EJCAM and the diploma is issued under the double seal of Aix-Marseille University and the State.

Description of the course

This master’s degree trains students for careers in information. It offers, on the one hand, common courses devoted to the
transversal problems of production and social exchanges of information in a multidisciplinary perspective and, on the other hand, more specialised and professionalising courses corresponding to three sectors of professional activity: public and political communication, strategic consultancy and influence and, finally, the journalism professions.

The partnership between Science Po Aix and EJCAM ensures the sharing of all the teaching provided by
the professors, the network of professionals and the material resources (radio and TV studio) of the two institutions.

The course includes two options:

  • Consulting, influence communication and public relations
  • Journalism and international issues

Targeted skills

  • Analysing the economics of business, the press and advertising as well as their institutional and regulatory environments
  • Understand the challenges of multi-level governance, public communication and digital information
  • Master the main genres of journalism and new formats
  • Understand the issues related to the development of digital information
  • Implement the techniques and tools necessary for the development of public, electoral and/or lobbying communication campaigns
  • Mastering decision-making tools (information monitoring, influence strategy, drafting of warning notes, positioning, analysis of controversies, strategic recommendations, media and web opinion analysis document)
  • Identify opinion leaders and their influence, organise strategies for consultation with stakeholders, advocacy
  • Implementing the tools of influence strategy: networking, advocacy, lobbying

Job opportunities

  • Project manager (public and private executive offices)
  • Director of communication (political, institutional, event, crisis and web communication)
  • Consultant and research officer (strategy, communication, consultation, media relations, lobbying)
  • Public affairs and relations officer
  • Editorial director, multi-media editor (press, radio, TV, Web), specialised journalist (political, institutional, international, feature, documentary)
  • Media and multimedia project manager

Training organization

Consulting professions

The option Professions of consulting, communication of influence and public relations, accessible from the master 2, trains seasoned communication specialists in lobbying techniques intended to influence public and private decision-makers. They master the techniques and principles necessary for the development of public communication campaigns and make strategic recommendations for public and political decision-makers. They advise media companies in their positioning strategies.

Journalism careers

The option Journalism professions and international issues, accessible from the master 2, trains press, audiovisual and digital media professionals who master the principles of journalism in an international context. They implement information production techniques and tools and master the main genres of journalism.