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Our fields of study

Amphithéâtre Bruno Étienne avec des étudiants

“Sciences Po Aix is a place of production of new approaches and new knowledge in Humanities and Social Sciences. Nearly 60 researchers work in three research structures (Mesopolhis, Dice and Amse) and advance thinking and knowledge covering the following six disciplinary fields: Law, Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology and Education Sciences.

The research carried out within our institution favours the emergence of innovative themes, while at the same time addressing fundamental issues, as demonstrated by the success of our teams with major funding agencies such as the European Research Council and the Agence Nationale de la Recherche.

These activities, which are in line with the major issues of the contemporary world (climate, digital humanities, crises, health, the Mediterranean world, etc.), regularly feed the public debate from the perspective of an open relationship with society. In this respect, Sciences Po Aix is committed to the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of research results through the blog “An Eye on the City” and the “Transnational Issues” collection published by Editions Karthala.

As a place of research and national and international scientific exchange, our institution places at the heart of its commitments a policy of support for research placed at the service of its young researchers and teacher-researchers. This policy is based on technical and operational skills that are particularly marked in the areas of calls for projects, publishing and documentary resources.