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The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determines the general policy and major strategic orientations of Sciences Po Aix. It elects the school’s director every 5 years.

The Sciences Po Aix Board of Directors meets 4 times a year and deliberates in particular on :

  • the programme of teaching and research, scientific and technical information and international cooperation
  • the general organisation of studies
  • the budget, its amendments and the financial statements
  • the school’s internal regulations
  • acquisitions, disposals and exchanges of real estate, loans and acceptance of gifts and bequests,
  • the acquisition of shareholdings and the creation of subsidiaries.

Board members are elected (staff and students of the institution), appointed (outside personalities) or ex officio members (the Director of the INSP, the President of the FNSP, the President of the University of Aix-Marseille and the Director General of Administration and the Civil Service)

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Consultative bodies

In addition to the Board of Directors, the main consultative bodies meet depending on the nature of the issues.

  • The Restricted Board of Governors (Conseil d’administration restreint – CAR), made up of professors and lecturers who are members of the Board of Governors, deals in particular with individual matters voted on by the Board of Governors (allocation of bonuses, opinions on recruitment profiles, etc.)
  • The Scientific Committee (SC) is responsible for all aspects of the Institute’s research policy. Members may be elected, appointed or ex officio.
  • The Training and Pedagogical Innovation Committee (CFIP) is a forum for consultation, discussion and proposals on all issues relating to training, teaching and pedagogy. Members are appointed from among teaching and research staff, administrative staff and students.
  • The Comité Social Administratif d’Etablissement (CSAE) replaces the previous Comité Technique (CT) and Comité d’Hygiène et Sécurité au Travail (CHSCT) and is the main body for social dialogue within the institution

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The Management Committee (CODIR)

The CODIR implements the strategic orientations defined by the Board of Directors and takes operational decisions affecting the running of the school:

  • Educational choices: dates of competitive entrance exams and examinations, number of places per course, study calendar, changes to the range of courses on offer
  • Research projects and partnerships
  • External policy: partnerships, hosting foreign professors, incoming and outgoing mobility, etc
  • Deployment of actions linked to the support policy for the main activity: HR policy, digital technology, budget management, building work, etc
  • All collective or cross-disciplinary projects

Under the authority of the Director of Sciences Po Aix, it brings together the directors of the School’s 5 main departments:
The Director’s Office, the Training and Studies Department, the External Relations and Student Life Department, the Research Department and the General Secretariat.

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