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University residences


Accommodation in university halls of residence (Gazelles, Cuques, Estelan, Meyran) is the cheapest solution:

A renovated and furnished room of 10-12m² with private toilet and bathroom and shared kitchen costs about 280€ per month.

Private university residences

A number of private residences offer rooms for students. They are more comfortable but cost more (between €500 and €950 per month).

Organisations managing private student residences: – – – – (non exhaustive list)

Intergenerational sharing

Three types of formula are proposed:

  • Free accommodation: The student guarantees to be present in the evenings at dinner time and at night
  • Low-cost accommodation: the student provides services and a regular presence and contributes to the running costs
  • Solidarity housing: The student provides additional income in exchange for a passive watch and spontaneous services. or or

Room in a home/private home

Rarely independent accommodation, often with shared bathroom and kitchen or half board. The price is 400-500 € per month and with half board 650-750 €

Shared accommodation

Sharing a flat or house is a way of sharing fixed costs (council tax, utilities, electricity, gas and telephone bills, TV licence fees), but it also allows you to integrate more easily into French life! The average monthly price is 480€. – –

Other addresses – –

Things to know


Text block: Regardless of the type of accommodation chosen, it will be necessary to take out an insurance policy covering at least water damage and fire, with a company of the student’s choice. Information can be obtained from the CROUS housing service, from a bank or on the website

Financial aid for housing

Text block: These are awarded by the Caisse d’Allocation Familiale (CAF). The application form can be downloaded from the website The application must be made within one month of your arrival. More information on