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Directed by Professors Marc Bernardot and Mohamed Tozy, the Mediterranean Centre for Sociology, Political Science and History is a multidisciplinary unit of humanities and social sciences created in January 2021 by Sciences Po Aix, the Centre national de la recherche scientifique and Aix-Marseille University.

the laboratory is dedicated to the analysis of the Mediterranean world in its political, sociological, historical, geographical and demographic dimensions.

Research areas

The research areas of the laboratory are divided into 6 main areas of research with a strong transversal logic:

  • Axis 1. Socialisation, education and culture – Mesopolhis
  • Axis 2. Migrations, mobilities, circulations – Mesopolhis
  • Axis 3. Beliefs and politics – Mesopolhis
  • Axis 4. Socio-spatial dynamics and political mobilizations – Mesopolhis
  • Axis 5. Contemporary violence, crises and conflictualities – Mesopolhis
  • Axis 6. Norms, deviances, knowledge of government – Mesopolhis

Mesopolhis currently gathers more than 40 confirmed researchers, 55 PhD students, 13 post-doctoral fellows and 60 associate researchers, involved in numerous research programmes and contracts.

Contracts and Programmes – Mesopolhis