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Sciences Po Aix Diploma

Sciences Po Aix Diploma in Continuing Education

This general and multidisciplinary training recognized by local, national or international employers is delivered over two years of study. It allows those who entered working life early to be able to access, as part of lifelong training, a higher education diploma.

Description of the course

This Sciences Po Aix diploma course is aimed in particular at professionals returning to school or job seekers. At the end of two years of study, the diploma awarded, like the initial training diploma, is equivalent to a Master’s degree

This course is open to candidates aged 28 and over. It is subject to the requirement of a “Bac + 3” level, which can be obtained if necessary by validation of experience. It takes place over two years with a programme specifically adapted for continuing education students, with courses taking place on Fridays and Saturdays.

The training provided in the Sciences Po Aix diploma for continuing education aims to master the fundamentals of public law, economics, history, political science and English. It includes methodological courses in general knowledge and research (dissertation). It also enables the development of transversal skills of analysis, synthesis and written or oral expression.

Targeted skills

  • Diagnosing and solving complex and cross-disciplinary problems thanks to the versatility of multi-disciplinary knowledge
  • Ability to analyse, identify and anticipate the challenges of globalisation in political, diplomatic or economic matters, while mastering the instruments that facilitate decision-making and action on an international scale
  • Ability to gather a large amount of information in various and sometimes unknown fields and to present it in a synthetic, clear and structured manner
  • Mastery of the art of writing, synthesis and public speaking
  • Ability to adapt to various contexts by analysing situations critically and developing relevant professional strategies
  • Mastery of verbal and non-verbal communication and professional communication codes

Job opportunities

The Sciences Po Aix programme in continuing education allows students to :

  • obtain a diploma equivalent to a master’s degree ;
  • aim for retraining, professional promotion or a return to employment by acquiring new knowledge, skills and working methods;
  • to prepare for category A administrative competitions.
  • to diversify one’s fields of competence and possibly complete another range of knowledge and skills acquired through training or experience.