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Specialised Master

Specialised Master in Intelligence

History Defense and Security , Initial training Executive education

Number of hours of training

434 hours

Training duration

1 year

Head teacher


History, International Relations, Economy

Phone : 04 65 04 71 01

The Intelligence Specialized Master’s aims to deliver an intelligence culture based on in-depth knowledge of the most up-to-date operations and tools in the field, and to master its grammar. This training allows participants to deepen their knowledge, to nourish their co-skills of analysis and synthesis and to perfect their mastery of intelligence techniques and practices.

Description of the course

Sciences Po Aix, in partnership with theEcole de l’Air et de l’Espace, is offering a new high-level post-master’s programme (Bac + 6), the Specialised Master’s in Intelligence. This MS enables students to understand the strategic issues and the role of intelligence in anticipating threats to the State and the private sector (economic, financial, military, diplomatic and security dimensions). Combining academic teaching and an operational approach (cyber, clandestine intelligence, etc.), it benefits from first-rate professional speakers.

The first of its kind in France, the MS Intelligence has received the support of major institutions (CNR-LT, Académie du Renseignement, MINARM/DGRIS, IRSEM)1 and numerous companies (start-ups as well as major groups such as CINDEX, DCI, Docapost, ESL, Naval Group, Geopost, GEOS, Preligens…).

The MS is co-directed by Professor Walter BRUYÈRE-OSTELLS, Head of the Geostrategy, Defence and International Security Master’s degree at Sciences Po Aix, and Air Force General Serge CHOLLEY, whose long experience as a specialised intelligence officer is a guarantee of expertise and perfect knowledge of these issues. They are accompanied by a team of professors from Sciences Po Aix, the Air and Space School, and professionals whose expertise, based on solid experience, constitutes an unparalleled added value. Their contribution is complemented by the use of “great witnesses”, personalities of high standing in their field of specialisation.

Target skills

– Implementing data collection, processing and analysis in the field of International Relations, including its economic dimensions;
– Implementing public security policies and the defence of national interests;
– Implementing a company’s security policies;
– Developing security policies and strategies;
– Assessing needs in order to develop intervention and anti-crime plans.

Job opportunities

European and international institutions, national public institutions (cities, regions, the State), organisations and companies of all sizes in the public and private security sector, defence, diplomacy, the arms industry and cybersecurity, and high technology. The needs identified concern both the major regalian domains (diplomacy, defence, internal security) and those of the private sector, particularly in fields that are particularly exposed to the risk of action by foreign intelligence services and agencies, or in the conquest of new markets.

This risk is particularly high in the fields of research, industry and services, especially in cyberspace.