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Health and support

The Health Unit

Consultations with a psychologist

The Health Unit offers free consultations with a psychologist on campus. The aim is to offer all students who wish to do so a place where they can talk about their difficulties, both academic and personal.
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Sophrology sessions

Stress management, self-confidence, quality of sleep, improved concentration, sophrology is a body-based method of dynamic relaxation, based on breathing and visualisation. Workshops are offered throughout the year.
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The Youth Health Pass

The Health Pass for young people set up by the SUD PACA Region helps you in your health procedures. It allows you to benefit from free and confidential access to numerous medical services. Whether you need to consult a doctor or a psychologist, to obtain contraception or to buy sanitary protection, the Pass Santé Jeunes is aimed at all young people aged 15 to 26.
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Mission Handicap of Sciences Po Aix

The Mission Handicap of Sciences Po Aix welcomes and supports students with physical, sensory or psychological disabilities, dyslexia or a long-term disabling health problem.

By adapting the study programme, setting up third-party time for examinations and providing dedicated software, it offers measures adapted to each student throughout his or her course. This is why it is essential that the students concerned provide, upon arrival, the medical documents explaining their situation.
The student will be received by the Disability Advisor who will assist him/her in the steps to be taken. Together they will draw up a support plan for the disabled student (PAEH).
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