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Help, listening, assistance

The Equality mission of Sciences Po Aix is ​​aimed at all students and teaching and administrative staff. Raising awareness, prevention, but also collecting and processing reports, the mission acts against all forms of discrimination within the School.

The Equality Mission

Informing and raising awareness

Throughout the year, the Equality department organises awareness-raising campaigns on gender equality, equality in the workplace, deconstructing stereotypes and preventing all forms of discrimination.

Advice, guidance and prevention

The Equality Officer is the main point of contact for the entire community on issues of equality and discrimination. She has an advisory role and can be contacted by users of the school. In the event of complaints relating to potential acts of violence, harassment of any kind, sexist behaviour or discrimination, it directs victims to the reporting system set up by the school.

Contact the Equality Mission: mission.egalite@sciencespo-aix.fr

Equality hotline (DEE)

Composition and role

Sciences Po Aix has set up a system enabling the entire School community to report any act of harassment or violence. It consists of an internal hotline and an external hotline. The DEE advises and directs victims to the appropriate services.

The internal helpline is made up of the following members:

  • An Equality Officer
  • A teacher
  • A teacher

These staff receive regular training to ensure that they are able to hear what victims or witnesses have to say in the best possible conditions.

Consult the DEE’s internal rules

Organisation and operation

The school’s crisis centre can be contacted by e-mail at dee@sciencespo-aix.fr. As far as possible, it is advisable to fill in the report form beforehand.

The person making the report will be offered, within a week, an appointment with two members of the listening unit. The meeting is confidential and caring, and a report is drawn up by the members of the unit. All data is collected in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

If necessary, the in-house helpline refers people to the outsourced helpline. APERS, an association specialising in supporting victims of criminal offences, offers psychological support to any student or staff member who has been the victim of an offence, misdemeanour or crime, and helps them to lodge a complaint if they so wish. The first interview is carried out by a social worker and treatment is completely free of charge.