Establishment certificates

Certificate in Strategic and Corporate Communication

Communication , Executive education

Number of hours of training

126 hours

Training duration

1 year

Head teacher

Philippe ALDRIN


Phone : 04 65 04 70 74

This certificate aims to understand the challenges of a mediatized society and the digital revolution and to master traditional or more innovative communication practices. This training is at the forefront of current practices and the reality on the ground. It contributes to analyzing the logics specific to communication and to providing the main tools to link it to companies, the associative world, the political sphere, etc.

Description of the course

The Strategic and Institutional Communication certificate aims, first of all, to place the challenges of communication in a historical, socio-political and cultural perspective.

Indeed, as a prerequisite, it is fundamental to understand the processes that have led to the actions and strategies of communication at the very heart of the activity of all public and private organisations.

The Strategic and Institutional Communication certificate is aimed at all professionals who, in the daily exercise of their missions, are in charge of communication projects or have to deal with communication logics.

The certificate enables them todeepen their knowledge, to nourish their strategic thinking and to perfect their mastery of communication techniques and practices. Communication has undeniably become a central dimension of the activity of public and private organisations, which now require certified specialists in the field.

Targeted skills

Analysing the current issues in communication

Mastery of the fundamental concepts of communication and the challenges of the mediatisation of society

Mastery of the psychological, cultural, artistic and creative issues of communication

Mastery of the tools and techniques of communication

Ability to write within the formal constraints by adapting techniques to the media used

Use of graphic design software packages

Design and execution of a communication plan

Management of public relations, event and digital communication

Managing and supporting change through communication

Use of territorial marketing techniques for economic development

Informing and raising public awareness

Lobbying and influence communication

Mastering crisis communication techniques


The Strategic and Institutional Communication certificate aims to provide in-depth practical knowledge of the most up-to-date techniques and tools in this field. For this reason, the teaching modules are all designed around thestudy of practicalcases and/or the implementation of communication projects.

Organisation de la formation

UE 1

  • Fundamental communication concepts
  • Media coverage of companies
  • Arts, cultures, creations

UE 2

  • Editorial practices
  • Graphic design packages (Powerpoint, InDesign, Photoshop)
    Establish a communication plan (diagnosis, strategy, media planning)
  • Public relations and event communication
  • Digital communication: site, RSN, Community managing, e-reputation

UE 3

  • Building Attractiveness: Place Marketing
  • Informing, Raising Public Awareness: Public Communication
  • Involving stakeholders: the engineering of consultation
  • Representing Interests: Lobbying and Influencer
  • Communication
    Making a Cause Heard: Advocacy and Humanitarian Communication