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Certificate in People Management and Organizational Performance

Management , Executive education

Nombre d'heures de formation

66 hours

Durée de la formation

1 year

Responsable(s) pédagogique(s)



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This training provides the main tools for team management. It develops management skills and allows you to master the regulations in force in labor law. The objective is to offer the keys to make strategic developments.

Description of the course

Today, people are the adjustment variable of any entrepreneurial or organisational project. The success of the latter depends on the quality of human resources and effective and efficient management, based on motivation, adaptability and respect for the personality of each individual.

The training offered by Sciences Po Aix provides the main tools for managing teams, all geared towards the development of the structure concerned.

Management functions require a variety of skills: knowing how to lead teams of professionals, implement projects, organise partnerships, master the regulations in force, etc.

This training, aimed at people in team management positions, is multidisciplinary. It covers :

  • Human resources,
  • Law,
  • Project management,
  • Communication.

The training is given by professionals from the management sector: consultants in human resources, communication, management and public policy, psychologists, specialists in labour law.

Targeted skills

  • Human resources management

Analyse an organisation and list its strengths and weaknesses

Managing jobs and skills and ensuring that they are appropriate

Leading work teams, understanding cultural diversity

  • Project management

Designing a project according to needs

Plan and prioritise tasks

Measuring their performance with indicators

  • Change management

Analyse the change and understand its consequences

Accompanying staff through change

Optimising the organisation’s performance

  • Communication

Defining the objectives of the communication strategy and identifying obstacles

Use and develop communication tools

Evaluate the effectiveness of the communication strategy and adapt it if necessary


The objectives of the course are multiple:

  • To know how to manage teams of professionals,
  • To master the regulations in force in labour law,
  • To carry out strategic developments,
  • Implementing projects.

Training organization

UE 1

1: Understand the organization

The concept of activity and group
The means: people, procedures, tools
Skills management and work organization

2: The Challenge of Adaptation

Change management
The psycho-affective dimension of change
The notion of referent

3: Project Management

The collection of needs and its pitfalls
Project governance
Training engineering, use of the training report

4: Evaluation Criteria

The repositories
The process

UE 2

1: Labor law and the conventional framework

Social dialogue
Representative bodies
labor tribunals

2: The notion of corporate culture and sense of belonging

Scenarios and role plays

3: Recruitment principles and techniques

Meeting management
Professional interviews
Exercises and case studies

4 – The roles of the manager

The different dimensions of the manager
Promote the development of your team
Turn difficulties into opportunities
Motivate your team
Ensure communication

UE 3

1: Interpersonal Communication

Psycho-affective functioning
Managing “difficult” personalities within a professional group
Psychosocial risks in the workplace
Professional scenes and personal issues

2: Conflict management: the psychological dimension in labor conflict

Aggression and violence at work

3: The Effects of Organizational Structure on Professional Role Performance

Management ethics