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Professional elections 2022

…working conditions committee (CHSCT) The Joint Consultative Committee of Non-Tenured Agents (CCPANT or CCP): vote at the ballot box on 8 December Other local municipal authority The Joint Establishment Committee…

Privacy policy

Who are we? Suggested text: Our website address is: https://www.sciencespo-aix.fr. Comments Suggested text: When you leave a comment on our site, the data entered in the comment form, as well…

Common entrance exam for 1st year

Admission requirements The joint competition is open to candidates with the baccalauréat (or equivalent: foreign diplomas and DAEU) 2023 and to holders of the baccalauréat (or equivalent: foreign diplomas and…

Entry into 4th year

…is completed, the admissions department of the 4th year competition informs the candidate by e-mail that his/her application has been validated and that he/she is finally registered for the competition….

Find accomodation

…The average monthly price is 480€. www.appartager.com – www.okroommate.com – www.thecolivers.com Other addresses www.lokaviz.fr – www.leboncoin.fr – www.pap.fr –www.seloger.com -www.avendrealouer.fr – www.logement-etudiant.com – www.nestpick.com Things to know Insurance Text block:…