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Continuing education

Continuing education: registration open for 2023 certificates

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Continuing education: registration open for 2023 certificates

Registration is open for four Sciences Po Aix certificates, sessions of which will begin in January 2023:

Certificate in Prevention and Management of Psychosocial Risks
Identifying the main psychosocial risk factors, understanding the processes at work, developing a prevention and diagnostic approach, monitoring and evaluating an action plan, identifying possible intervention levers, these are the challenges of this training. This certificate is open to managers, executives in team management responsibility, human resources managers, or persons based on staff representation within an institution.

  • Next session: from Thursday 26 January to Thursday 14 December 2023.

Certificate in Human Management and Organization Performance
This Sciences Po Aix training course provides the main tools for team management: knowing how to supervise teams of professionals, implementing projects, organising partnerships, mastering the regulations in force. It is aimed at people in team management positions, is multidisciplinary and taught by professionals in the management sector: consultants in human resources, communication, management and public policies, psychologists, specialists in labour law.

  • Next sessions: from 28 January to 9 December 2022 and from 27 January to 15 December 2023

Certificate of training in judicial expertise
Doctors, architects, computer scientists, specialists in construction, arts, real estate…In the context of disputes, the courts appoint judicial experts whose role, based on competence, is decisive in the judgment rendered. You are experts in your field and want to put this expertise at the service of justice?Sciences Po Aix offers you a training course that will give you the theoretical and practical knowledge to carry out these judicial expertises.

  • Next sessions: from 16 September to 25 November 2022 (Friday), from Friday 6 January to Friday 10 March 2023 and from Friday 17 March to Friday 2 June 2023.

Conflict Management and Mediation Certificate
Conflict is part of everyday life. Untreated or poorly managed, they can lead to disorganization, breakup, revenge, violence… Training in conflict management and mediation develops the ability to take into account all dimensions of conflict and relationship (legal, economic, psychological, emotional, sociocultural …). This certificate offered by Sciences Po Aix focuses on the different forms of mediation that exist, and encourages everyone to train for the role of mediator based on real situations taken in different fields (work, business, administration, family, neighborhood, school…).

  • Next session: from Friday 27 January to Saturday 16 December 2023

For all inquiries or registrations, you can contact the continuing education department.
By phone: 04 65 04 70 73 or 04 65 04 70 74
By e-mail: formation.continue@sciencespo-aix.fr