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Public law / Studies Department

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Within the INSP – Grands Concours prep, a “Talents” class is open. Admission to this class entitles you to educational and financial support in order to prepare for the senior civil service competitions (INSP, INET, EN3S, DH, Banque de France).

Conditions of access

Students must be enrolled in the INSP – Grands concours prep’, which includes the Talents class.

The conditions of eligibility of the application are :

  • To hold a Master 1 or equivalent;
  • To meet the income requirements for a higher education grant (even if you have exhausted your grant rights or are over the required age).

A total of 25 places are offered.


Recruitment is based on a file examination and a motivation interview.

Among the eligible candidates, admission to the Talents class is based on aptitude (marked out of 15) and motivation (marked out of 5).

Students’ aptitudes and writing skills are assessed on the basis of the best papers produced by the student.

As far as possible, candidates are asked to provide a scanned copy of a paper produced under examination conditions during their time in higher education for each of the written tests on the competition programme they are aiming for, for example:

  • contemporary issues / general culture ;
  • economics
  • public law ;
  • public finance
  • local government law
  • public health ;
  • summary note..

NB: the fact that you have never been taught certain subjects in the competition in question does not constitute an obstacle to admission to the Talents class.

The language level is assessed during a very brief conversation with a Sciences Po Aix language teacher

Application procedures

Candidates must download a file from our application platform, complete it and return it according to the procedure mentioned at the beginning of the form.