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The purpose of the Talents IRA preparatory course, in partnership with the IRA of Bastia, is to help students or job seekers, from modest conditions, to prepare for external competitions and/or the 3rd competition for access to IRAs in their providing enhanced educational support, financial support and special support.

Admission requirements

Admission is open to students or jobseekerswho meet the conditions for admission to the competitions, i.e. :

  • For the external competition: to have a diploma at bac+3 or a diploma classified at least at level 6 (former level 2), or a qualification recognised as at least equivalent to one of these titles;
  • For the 3rd competition: have 5 years of professional activity in the private sector (or 5 years as an elected official or as the head of an association);

Meet the income requirements each year: income ceiling for the year n-2 in relation to the year of application;

Undertake to follow all the courses offered and to register for and take the tests of the external competition (or 3rd competition).


Recruitment is based on a file examination and an interview.

Sciences Po Aix conducts an initial examination of the applications and establishes a list of candidates selected for presentation to a commission for admission to the Talent Prep Class;

This committee publishes the list of the 50 candidates admitted to the Talent Preparatory Class after a new consultation of the files.

The selection criteria include social criteria (socio-professional category of parents), quality of studies, motivation to enter the civil service and a real motivation for the Talents Preparatory Class.

How to apply

The application file must be submitted in electronic form on theIRA Bastia website.