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IRA Talent Prep

Entry exam preparation

Number of hours of training

619 hours

Training duration

1 year

Head teacher


Public Law

Phone : 04 65 04 70 77

From the start of the 2021 academic year, the public service Talents classes offer training of excellence, intended for the most deserving scholarship students in higher education to prepare for the competitions giving access to management positions in the public service.

Description of the course

Students are selected on the basis of resources and merit, on the basis of a file and an interview taking into account the candidate’s background, aptitudes, motivation and potential.

The teaching teams of the Talents Prep are made up of civil servants and senior civil servants who provide professional training (role-playing, test methodology, practical cases, etc.) and academics for the academic subjects (law, economics, public finance, language, etc.).

In partnership with the IRAof Bastia, the Talents IRA preparatory course aims to help students or jobseekers from modest backgrounds to prepare for the external and/or 3rd competitive entrance exams to the IRAs by providing them with reinforced pedagogical support, financial assistance and special coaching.

Accompaniment :

  • Educational support by updating knowledge, a pack of thematic books offered, methodological support, training for the tests, personalised support, internships in administrations and meetings in Bastia and Montpellier paid for by the IRA;
  • Financial assistance of €4,000 through the payment of an allowance for diversity in the civil service.


  • Mastering the legal, economic and financial environment of public administrations
  • Analysing situations and ensuring that they comply with the ethical principles of the civil service;
  • Identify and implement the legal rules applicable to the various facets of administrative action;
  • Synthesise a set of documents and data to present them concisely and make them operational for the public decision-maker;
  • Mobilise a team around shared objectives and projects.


The main competitions prepared are

  • Regional Institute of Administration (IRA)
  • Territorial attaché
  • Customs inspector
  • Public finance inspector
  • Inspector of Consumer Affairs, Competition and Fraud Control
  • Inspector of Health and Social Affairs
  • Hospital administration attaché
  • Fire brigade officer

Training organization

Public Law

  • General administrative law
  • Constitutional right
  • European Union Law + Substantive Law
  • Civil service law
  • Administrative institutions

Economy and management

  • Public finances
  • Contemporary economy
  • Public management and human resources

Method conferences

  • CM General culture
  • CM Public Law
  • CM Economy
  • Summary
  • Language


  • Social issues
  • Hospital law
  • Public health
  • Digital culture