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Master in Public Careers

Law Economy , Initial training Executive education

Nombre d'heures de formation

700 hours

Durée de la formation

2 years

Coût de la formation

price of the national master's degree, indicative for the year 2022/23, 243 euros

Responsable(s) pédagogique(s)


Public Law, Economics, Private Law; International Relations, Public Policy

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The Public Careers Master’s is essentially oriented towards integration into the public service, the recruitment methods for which are competitive examinations. The courses are organized by Sciences Po Aix and the diploma is issued under the double seal of Aix-Marseille University and the State.

Description of the course

The course offers the possibility of preparing a diploma enabling students to acquire the fundamental knowledge necessary to obtain a category A+ competitive examination and the methodology of competitive examinations (dissertation, summary note and oral examination). It allows students to become aware of emerging disciplines in administration such as public management or human resources, as well as all public policies.

The Master’s programme includes core courses, general electives and options to specialise in an administrative sector. These courses take into account the syllabus of the A-level administrative competitions. These disciplines are necessary to understand the role of government in society. Similarly, the introduction of a professionalization module responds to the demands of competition juries and schools of public service.

Far from being limited to public administration, this master’s degree is intended to train managers of private organisations called upon to collaborate with public institutions as well as consulting and auditing companies that are increasingly used by public authorities.

Targeted competences

  • To know public policies and the role of public authorities
  • Produce and present an analysis based on legal texts
  • Designing and implementing decision support documents for national, European or international public operators
  • Master the legal framework of public action (public law)
  • Be familiar with economic mechanisms and their issues
  • Be familiar with emerging disciplines representing new challenges for the administration, such as e-government or public management
  • Master the writing of summary notes and the methodology of the dissertation

Job opportunities

The wide range of options on offer enables students to prepare for more than thirty category A+ administrative competitions in the State, hospital and local civil service. The Master’s degree prepares students for the competitive entrance examinations to the INSP, INET, ENM, the school for army commissioners, the school for national gendarmerie officers, the school for police commissioners, the EN3S and the competitive examination for hospital directors.