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General preparation

Entry exam preparation

Number of hours of training

619 hours

Training duration

1 year

Head teacher

Didier Del Prete

Public Law

Phone : 04 65 04 70 77

With more than 50 years of experience, the General Prep’s mission is to prepare for external and internal competitions for the State, Territorial and Hospital Public Service category A.

Description of the course

This course allows candidates from various backgrounds to obtain the basics or to consolidate the fundamentals and to specialise in the optional modules, in order to pass the admissibility tests for category A competitions.

The preparation is based on fundamental lessons (general culture, public law, economics, public finance) and methodological lessons (dissertation, summary note, practical cases, languages), interspersed with weekly written assignments. Two mock competitions allow students to practice the conditions of the tests.

Students eligible for a category A competition benefit from specific training for the oral admission tests.


  • Master the legal, economic and financial environment of public administrations
  • Analyse situations and ensure that they comply with the ethical principles of the civil service;
  • Identify and implement the legal rules applicable to the various facets of administrative action;
  • Synthesise a set of documents and data to present them concisely and make them operational for the public decision-maker;
  • Mobilise a team around shared objectives and projects.


The main competitions prepared are

  • Regional Institute of Administration (IRA)
  • Territorial attaché
  • Customs inspector
  • Public finance inspector
  • Inspector of Consumer Affairs, Competition and Fraud Control
  • Inspector of Health and Social Affairs
  • Hospital administration attaché
  • Fire brigade officer

Organisation of the training


  • General administrative law
  • Constitutional right
  • European Union Law + Substantive Law
  • Civil service law
  • Administrative institutions


  • Public finances
  • Contemporary economy
  • Public management and human resources


  • CM General culture
  • CM Public Law
  • CM Economy
  • Summary
  • Language


  • Social issues
  • Hospital law
  • Public health
  • Digital culture