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Certificate Religious Plurality, Law, Secularism and Societies

Law History Religions , Executive education

Number of hours of training

135 hours

Training duration

1 year

Head teacher


Law, history, social sciences

Phone : 04 65 04 70 74

In response to a request from the Ministry of the Interior, this certificate contributes to understanding the challenges related to the diversification of the religious landscape in France and its public management in a secular regime.

Description of the course

This certificate reflects the desire of the Institut d’Études Politiques d’Aix-en-Provence to contribute to the understanding of the various challenges linked to the diversification of the religious landscape in France and its public management in a secular regime.

The aim is to provide quality university training for anyone interested in the different levels of practical management of religious plurality in contemporary France (sociological, legal, administrative, financial, etc.).

Thecourses and seminars take place on two consecutive days, Wednesday and Thursday, once a month from September to June. The training is presented in the form of three teaching modules covering the fields of history, law and social sciences and a thematic seminar.

Targeted competences

  • Knowledge of the historical and institutional context of religion in France

To know the institutional environment

Understanding the historical roots and evolution of the religious phenomenon in France Understanding the resulting societal issues

  • Knowledge of the current legal and institutional framework applicable to religions in France

To know the regulatory framework, the institutional environment and their impact on the religious fact

To know and explain the specificities of the French model of secularism

  • Sociological knowledge of religions and their inclusion in secular society

Develop a global vision of the societal context of religions in France

To identify the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolution of religions

Take into account religious diversity and manage potential conflicts.


The objectives of the course are as follows

  • Understanding and practical mastery of the various aspects of the management of religious organisations, religious associations, the status of ministers of religion and places of worship in a secular regime.
  • A better knowledge and consideration of the diversity of religious and philosophical expressions in contemporary France and the Mediterranean basin.
  • An advanced knowledge of the issues and administrative and financial relations between religious organisations and the public authorities.
  • A better management of religious challenges in companies.

Training organization

UE 1

  • Religions and State in France – 10 hours
  • History of religious plurality in France: institutions, organizations, changes (Judaism/Christianity/Islam) – 18 hours.

UE 2

  • French Law of Religions and Secularism – 40 hours
  • Freedom of Conscience, Religions and Europe – 20 hours
  • State, Law and Religion in the Mediterranean – 10 hours

UE 3

  • Sociology of Religions and Secularization in Contemporary France – 20 hours
  • Anthropology of Religions in the Mediterranean Basin – 10 hours
  • Actors and challenges of interreligious dialogue – 10 hours

UE 4

Five seminars of two hours each in the form of field visits, conferences-discussions delivered by members of the public service in charge of the issue of public freedoms and religions, actors in the management of religious pluralism and secularism (interreligious dialogue, association leaders, secular movements, etc.) or religious administrators.