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Certificate of training in forensic expertise

Law , Executive education

Nombre d'heures de formation

60 hours

Durée de la formation

2 months

Responsable(s) pédagogique(s)


Judicial expertise

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The forensic expertise training certificate provides the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to carry out forensic expertise. The trainees acquire the mastery of the guiding principles of the trial as well as the rules applicable to the investigative measures entrusted to the judicial experts.

Description of the course

In the context of conflicts, the courts appoint judicial experts whose role, based on scientific and technical competence, is decisive in the judicial decision rendered in that they provide the judge with insight into their field of expertise.

Law n°2004-130 of 11 February 2004 and decree 2004-1463 of 23 December 2004, amended on 19 July 2007, reform the status of legal experts as provided for by the law of 29 June 1971.

From now on, it is essential for a judicial expert approved by a Court of Appeal to follow continuous training. Indeed, before any registration of an expert on the list of a Court of Appeal, an evaluation of his “knowledge of the guiding principles of the trial and the rules of procedure applicable to the measures of instruction… as well as (the) training courses that he has followed in these fields” is set up.

Sciences Po Aix offers training in forensic expertise: the aim is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to enable forensic expertise.

The training is given by academics and professionals in the field of forensic science.

Targeted skills

  • Knowledge of the French judicial system

Knowledge of the structures of civil, criminal and administrative jurisdictions

Mastery of the procedures before these jurisdictions

Ability to implement them

  • Mastery of the procedures of judicial expertise

Knowledge of the social, ethical and fiscal constraints applicable to the profession

Implementation of the successive stages of an expertise, integrating into the process the respect of fundamental rights and particularly the principle of adversarial proceedings

Drafting of an expert report


At the end of the training, the candidate will be able to master the guiding principles of the trial, will have a general legal culture and will know the rules applicable to the investigation measures entrusted to the legal experts.

He will be able to apprehend in situation the legal and deontological obligations which weigh on the expert and his office.

Organisation de la formation

UE 1

  • before the civil judge
  • before the criminal court
  • before the administrative judge

UE 2

  • legal
  • ethical
  • social
  • tax


  • the institution of the expert mission
  • the conduct of the expertise and respect for the adversarial principle
  • the expert report, the expert’s opinion and its judicial use