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Certificate for association managers

Law , Initial training Executive education

Nombre d'heures de formation

27 hours

Responsable(s) pédagogique(s)


Law, management, human resources

Phone : 04 65 04 70 74

This training allows you to acquire the legal, financial and accounting skills necessary to become responsible for an association, whatever the field of activity, and to ensure its management.

Description of the course

A large number of French people are members of one or more associations; some accept to take on responsibilities within them.
But do they always have the necessary skills to ensure the regular running of the association?
There are indeed a number of legal and accounting obligations that any association manager must know and master.

Specific knowledge can easily be acquired, checked or updated, whatever the field of activity of the association. Certain associative activities are also subject to other more specific regulations (in particular health, sport, youth), which will not be dealt with in any particular way in this Certificate.
Finally, special attention will be paid to the system of financial aid and public subsidies.

Target skills

  • Knowledge of the legal and administrative structures of an association

Leading the development of the association

Supervising the development and implementation of the association’s projects

  • Accounting and financial management of an association

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the structure

Analyse a financial situation and propose solutions to strengthen it

Draw up or supervise the drawing up of accounting documents


The objective of this certificate is to acquire the basic knowledge necessary to manage an association, with specialists and practitioners, in a simple, practical and directly operational manner.

Organisation de la formation

UE 1

  • The creation of an association (3 hours)
    o Preliminary operations;
    o The definition of the object and the drafting of the statutes;
    o The various formalities.
  • The administrative management of an association (4 hours)
    o The various organs of an association;
    o The distribution of powers;
    o Meetings, decisions, archives;
    o The different types of possible activities.

UE 2

  • Presentation of the associative field
    o Some definitions: association, NGO, CSO, SSE, non-profit sector, etc. ;
    o The sectorization of the associative field: areas of intervention, volunteering, employment, financing, budgets.
  • Characterization of the associative field
    o The fundamentally political character of the associations;
    o The social role of associations;
    o The economic dimension of the voluntary sector.
  • Construction and management of the associative project
    o A framework for analyzing associative dynamics: the project, action and organization poles;
    o The dynamics of actors (volunteers, employees, partners and other stakeholders);
    o Some tools to better understand the management of associations;
    o The main challenges for the voluntary sector.
  • Analysis of situations: maieutic approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of concrete cases.

UE 3

o Introduction to financial and accounting principles;
o Income and expenses;
o Investments and borrowings;
o Keeping accounts, budgets, forecasts;
o Taxation;
o Circular no. 5811-SG of 29 September 2015 relating to new relations between public authorities and associations;
o Subsidies and sponsorship.

UE 4

  • Discrimination risk management
    o Definitions, challenges, risk prevention and handling of problematic situations;
    o Collective reflection on concrete cases and exchanges with the participants.
  • Sharing of experience and debates: questions / answers on the associative experiences of students, on their short and medium-term needs as well as on the possibilities of support.