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Certificate Age Governance: Children, Youth and Elderly

Law , Executive education

Number of hours of training

120 hours

Training duration

1 year

Head teacher


Law, management, social sciences, public policy

Phone : 04 65 04 70 74

This certificate offers professionals in the field and future decision-makers innovative training in the governance of extreme ages and life cycle management.

Description of the course

The demand for skills in the areas of children, youth and the elderly is increasing. The number of people over 65 in France represents almost 20% of the population with an increase of almost 4 points in 20 years. Until 2035, the proportion of people over 60 is expected to increase further, given the ageing of the baby-boom generations. Young people and especially children, also a vulnerable population, need to be cared for by professionals who can answer specific questions and deal with a changing regulatory framework.

Targeted competences

  • Knowledge of the medical and social context of extreme ages

Basic medical data on the risks and pathologies associated with extreme ages Knowledge of the social difficulties resulting from extreme ages and the need to take care of them

Mastery of social support systems

  • Legal knowledge of care and support structures

Analysis of the legal framework of specialised care institutions

Analysis of public support policies

Analysis of specific care, representation and protection mechanisms

  • Administrative and management knowledge of care and support structures

Mastery of the accounting rules of health and social establishments

Mastery of the administrative status of establishments and their staff


The aim of this training course is to help professionals to meet the main challenges relating to these fragile groups of people, in order to improve the integration of extreme age groups into society. This course has the originality of being multidisciplinary: it addresses not only legal issues but also sociological, public policy, ethical and management aspects.

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