Design and leadership of current research programmes

ANR ALCOV – led by Philippe Aldrin (2016-2020)

“Voter turnout, abstention, mistrust and political toughening in France: comparative case studies”

The ALCoV project (Local Comparative Analyses of Voting: political distrust, abstention and radicalisation in contemporary France) analyses the evolution of citizens’ behaviour in a context of trouble: abstentionism, crisis of consent, abstention, and radical choices such as support for the National Front.

Values Barometer 2018 – led by Philippe Aldrin and Magali Nonjon (2018-2019)

This barometer is an original, longitudinal study tracking representations of the territory and residents’ values pertaining to the founding principles of living together (equality, practical opportunities, vision for the future, justice, quality of life, apprehension regarding change) in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

POPSU Territoire: led by Magali Nonjon and Christèle Lagier (2018-2020)

This programme is pursuing 3 objectives in its study of the territorial marketing approach adopted by the municipality of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in 2018. First of all, it studies the governance challenges involved in this approach. It then looks at the portrayal of the territory by policy makers and public authorities. Finally, by collecting testimonies from residents through various investigative processes (interviews, focus group, participatory mapping) it seeks to compare these portrayals with those of residents who are not necessarily involved in implementing the approach. The purpose is to analyse the processes and dynamics involved in the categorisation and rating of the territory.

Twelver Shiism in France: actors, institutions, mobilisation – led by Deniz Kosulu and Kinda Chaib, (2019-2020)

The programme studies the construction of the relationship to the political system among Twelver Shias in France since the 1980s related to the issues of activist careers, politicisation, identity and movement.


Design and leadership of previous research programmes

 European MEDIUM contract of the EuropeAid EU-CHINA programme  – led by Audrey Freyermuth and Jean-Pierre Gaudin (2015-2018)

The MEDIUM-Sized China’s Cities Project brings together European and Chinese entities (research centres, universities and companies), which work on sustainable urban development in China. Focusing on a large city and two medium-sized cities (1 to 3 million inhabitants), Hangzhou, Zhuhai and Datong, the project’s innovation is twofold: first it addresses urban sustainability from a socio-economic dimension and not only through the prism of environmental issues. Second it operates in fast-developing urban areas overlooked by scholars in comparison with China largest cities.

CCME/Morocco (Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad) – led by Franck Frégosi and Mohamed Tozy, (2014-2017)

Analysis of migration phenomena at the Euro-Mediterranean level (religious, cultural, political, social and economic issues).