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Admission to General Preparation

…employees who meet the conditions for an internal or external category A competition. Tests Admission is decided by a pedagogical committee based on a study of the application file, which…

IRA Talent Prep

…modest backgrounds to prepare for the external and/or 3rd competitive entrance exams to the IRAs by providing them with reinforced pedagogical support, financial assistance and special coaching. Accompaniment : Educational…

Liberté d'AixPression

Liberté d’AixPression is the political association of Sciences Po Aix, whose objective is to offer a space for debate to the students of the school on subjects mainly related to…

Talent + Prep

…on the competition programme they are aiming for, for example: contemporary issues / general culture ; economics public law ; public finance local government law public health ; summary note…..

Prép' ENM

Description of the course The course is intended for a group of about forty students who are motivated by competitive examinations in the legal profession. It is provided by a…