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International Women’s Rights Day

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This week is March 8, International Women’s Day. Officialized in 1977 by the United Nations, this day aims to make progress in this area visible and to raise awareness among as many people as possible of issues of equality between women and men.

It is an opportunity for Sciences Po Aix to reaffirm its commitment to fight against all forms of discrimination and violence, against sexist and sexual violence and to promote real equality between women and men. Discover the events that will take place this week, both inside and outside the School.

#embraceequity | Kristen K. Grauer visits Sciences Po Aix

OnSaturday 4 March, fifth year students in continuing education at Sciences Po Aix had the opportunity to exchange with Kristen K. Grauer, Consul General of the United States. Grauer, Consul General of the United States in Marseille, as part of their preparation for their final oral exam. This was an opportunity, a few days before the #Women’sRightsDay, to discuss the crucial subject of women’s contribution to economic growth and prosperity. Find here the photos of this moment.

Girl Scouts of Humanity” photo exhibition

From 6 to 13 March, the Cassin hall will host the photo exhibition “Éclaireuses d’Humanité“, composed of archives and productions of SOS Méditerranée. This exhibition shows the reality of rescue operations in the Mediterranean, from the point of view of the women volunteers on the Aquarius and the Ocean Viking, but also from the point of view of the women rescued.

From 6 to 13 March
René Cassin Hall, Saporta site

“Women on their feet, Women in resistance

10th annual forum organised by the Camp des Milles Foundation. On the occasion of the 10th annual forum “Femmes debout, Femme en résistances”, the Camp des Milles Foundation offers you two film screenings in the auditorium of the Camp des Milles Memorial Site, at the special rate of €4 per screening.

Screening : “Simone, le voyage du siècle” by Olivier Dahan – Tuesday 7 March – 6.30pm
Booking: http://bit.ly/3lMC0nx

Screening : “Too much love” by Frankie Wallach – Wednesday 8 March – 7pm
Booking: http://bit.ly/3lZEbo5

Conference “Women and Humanitarianism

The Mauvais Genre association is joining forces with SOS Méditerranée and Action Against Hunger to offer you a conference on “Women and Humanitarian Aid”.

Carla Melki, Deputy Director of Operations at SOS Méditerranée andCarine Magen, researcher in qualitative studies and community approaches at Action Against Hunger, will address the issue of women in migration in the Mediterranean. Their interventions will be based on testimonies and experiences of the people concerned.

Wednesday 8 March – 18:15
Amphi R. Cassin, Saporta site

On the occasion of the International Day for Women’s Rights, discover the selection of books by the Sciences Po Aix library.

On the occasion of the 8th of March, the Sciences Po Aix library invites you to discover a varied selection of books, offering different points of view on the history of women’s rights and highlighting the international dimension of this day and the struggles waged. You will find this selection of sociological, legal and historical works, as well as comic books, in the reading room on the second floor the reading room on the second floor.

Discover Aix-Marseille University’s programme for the International Women’s Rights Day.

Discover Aix-Marseille University’s programme for the International Women’s Rights Day: https: //bit.ly/3L2WOC6

To raise awareness of sexist discrimination and promote gender equality, AMU is offering dance and wendo workshops, the screening of a short film followed by a debate, the choreographic piece “Mademoiselle”, round tables and more.