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Handikapp is the association that supports students with disabilities at Sciences Po Aix.

The Handikapp association is an association established within Sciences Po Aix since October 2018, in order to support students with disabilities, to raise awareness among all students as well as staff about the condition of people with disabilities. The association is primarily aimed at students and members of the Sciences Po Aix administration. However, it also aims to raise awareness of disability in general to a wider public. The association works closely with the administration of Sciences Po Aix in order to carry out the Mission Handicap.

Their project is to be a listening ear, capable of hearing problems in order to relay them effectively to the administration while respecting confidentiality, but also to serve as a referral for students to qualified people to enable them to take ownership of their school and the rights to which they have legitimate access, such as the adaptation of exams for mid-term exams and tutorials.

In addition, the association also has an awareness-raising role. In this respect, they plan to carry out various actions such as awareness-raising workshops, conferences on little-known topics such as invisible disabilities, and film screenings. At the same time, they want to set up partnerships with other structures (schools, social centres, associations) in order to raise awareness on a wider scale.