Programmes tailored to international students

Sciences Po Aix attracts international students from around the world who come to benefit from renowned courses on social sciences: Political Science, International Relations, Law, History, Media and Communication, Sociology, Anthropology, Foreign Languages… Nearly 250 foreign students spend a semester or a year here, further enhancing the multicultural dimension of our institution.

Hosting international students is central to our internationalisation policy and the consolidation of our international partnerships. We are constantly seeking to enhance our hosting services in order to facilitate the integration of these students by offering linguistic, educational and social support.

International students can therefore take classes designed specifically for them, including French as a Foreign Language (FLE), French civilization and methodology, and can also take classes designed for the French students, making for a rich academic exchange programme and a great experience.

Student tutors are specifically designated to assist foreign students with their studies by organising several tutoring and exam preparation sessions.

At the end of August, an intensive French language course is offered to international students with lessons in the morning and activities in the afternoon.


Programmes for French students, open to international students

The Sciences Po Aix diploma

Sciences Po Aix awards a top-level degree and trains future executives for the private and public sectors.  The five-year course develops students’ analytical and decision-making skills through sound foundations in human and social sciences, as well as specialised knowledge.

Admission is based on a competitive entrance exam and students must have an excellent level in French. Click here for more information:


Master’s Degrees

Sciences Po Aix offers 7 Master’s degrees, providing students with a wide range of choices in pursuit of their career or to continue their studies through research.

Admission to Master’s degrees is based on an application file. Students must have earned 180 credits for M1 and 240
ECTS credits for M2, and have an excellent level in French to apply


  • Master’s in International Expertise

This Master’s combines high-level scientific training in business and international relations in a multidisciplinary analytical framework (political science, economics, management) with professional development for the students as they carry out expert assessments via internships, reports, projects and analyses to prepare for careers as international experts.

There are three possible options:

– Expertise in international business
– Expertise in international relations
– Expertise in international business through work-study

Download the Master International Expertise 2021-2022 brochure

Download the Master Internationale Expertise Work Study Programme 2021-2022 brochure


  • Master’s in Geostrategy, Defence and International Security

This Master’s programme adopts a multidisciplinary approach to international relations (history, political science, law, etc.) in security-defence issues and peacebuilding and develops the scientific rigor required for research in international relations.

High-level professionals (senior officers and generals, intelligence and defence industry professionals) and internships provide a field-based approach and realistic preparation for the professional world.

Download the Master in Geostrategy, Defense and International Security 2021-2022 brochure

Download the Master in Geostrategy, Defense and International Security Work Study Programme 2021-2022 brochure


  • Master’s in European Policies and Transnational Action

This Master’s trains future executives in public affairs for Europe and the Euro-Mediterranean area. In a world in which all public action simultaneously involves a local context and international perspective, this programme prepares future professionals for the practical work of public governance. The Master’s focuses on learning decision-making techniques and strategies in a context where public affairs are affected by transnational dynamics.

There are two possible options:

– EUROPE / Design of European projects, lobbying and advocacy
– EUROMED / Design of Euro-Mediterranean projects and decentralised cooperation

Download the Master European Policies and Transnational Action 2021-2022 brochure


  • Master’s in Political Dynamics and Changing Societies (Arab World, Mediterranean and Europe)

This Master’s draws on a long tradition of comparative studies at Sciences Po Aix which has always favoured close relations with the Arab world, the Mediterranean and Europe and openness to religious dynamics and their political effects in modern societies. The aim is to train students in comparative politics, not simply as an essential method for analysing social sciences, but as an essential component in a good understanding of the local, national and transnational contexts in which political, social and religious political processes unfold.

There are two possible options:

– Comparative political expertise
– Religion, politics and society

Download the Master in Political Dynamics and Changing Societies 2021-2022 brochure


  • Master’s in the Information Professions: Communication, Lobbying, Media

This specialisation trains students for the information professions. On the one hand, it offers a core of teaching on cross-cutting issues of information production and social exchanges with a multidisciplinary perspective and, on the other hand, more specialised training and professional development for the strategic consulting and influence, public and political communication, and journalism sectors.
There are two possible options:

– Consulting, influence communication and public relations professions / Public and political communication
– Journalism professions and international issues

Download the Master’s in the Information Professions 2021-2022 brochure


  • Master’s in Cultural Policy and Patronage

The training addresses the dual areas of cultural policy and the public and private funding of culture. It addresses the new challenges of the professionalisation of culture, the internationalisation of cultural exchanges and renewed co-production relations with private stakeholders (patronage and foundations).

Download the Master’s in Cultural Policy and Patronage 2021-2022 brochure


  • Master’s in Public Careers

This Master’s focuses primarily on pursuing public sector employment via the competitive admission examinations. This programme offers students from various fields the opportunity to gain the fundamental knowledge they need to prepare for the Category A civil service entrance exams and the methodology for the entrance examination papers (essay, executive summary and oral exam).

Download the Master’s in Public Careers 2021-2022 brochure