Student activities are a part of the everyday routine at Sciences Po Aix. Our students are creative, active, dynamic and involved in a wide variety of areas, from art to publishing, and from culture and politics to sports. They help make Sciences Po Aix not only a place of study, but also a vibrant centre of culture for Aix-en-Provence! The numerous clubs at Sciences Po Aix facilitate the integration of students according to their interests and offer opportunities to acquire genuine leadership skills.


Student associations

Sciences Po Aix is home to 45 student associations dedicated to a diverse range of topics, including academic, political, humanitarian, sports, artistic and cultural issues. The goal of these associations is to come together, communicate and share a common interest, regardless of whether it is directly related to the courses at Sciences Po Aix.

List of student associations

The International Association is in charge of welcoming international students. It is a key means of integrating students into the school. Welcoming events, administrative procedures, evening events, outings and trips throughout the year will help international students integrate and share their cultures.



Highlights of Student Life at Sciences Po Aix


  • Welcoming of international students
  • Student association fair
  • Student Entrepreneurship Road Show
  • Information session on addictions: alcohol, tobacco, drugs
  • Induction day organised by the international association
  • Forum of “De l’amphi à la vie active”

October / November / December

  • Mobility Fair – Meeting for discussions between 2nd – 4th year and international students
  • “From the Classroom to Professional Life” Fair
  • Success Thursdays (once a month with a different theme from November to April)
  • Christmas party for international students


  • Welcoming of international students – Semester 2
  • Master Class on Work-Study opportunities at Sciences Po Aix

April / May

  • CRIT (Inter-IEP sports tournament)
  • Summer gala: Thursday 25 May 2022