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The Wine Club organises sophisticated wine tastings every month. Between refinement and conviviality, they also offer themed evenings….

5th edition of Brussels' World Simulation

…EU legislative institutional actors Commissioners, DG and Legal Service of the EU Commission MEPs (Political Groups and Committees of the EU Parliament) Permanent Representatives (COREPER) and Ministers in the Council…

Master in Public Careers

…to the INSP, INET, ENM, the school for army commissioners, the school for national gendarmerie officers, the school for police commissioners, the EN3S and the competitive examination for hospital directors….


Every week, Aix UN organises simulated United Nations assemblies. They allow students to represent the country of their choice during geopolitical debates at the heart of international news. The association…

Sciences Po Aix diploma, Air and Space School 

…degree in Geostrategy, Defence and International Security. It is based on three pillars: – The training of the military leader and the combatant: training courses of situation, shooting, parachuting, ethics,…

The equality mission

…preventing discrimination, particularly gender-based discrimination, and combating sexist and sexual violence. Advising, guiding and preventing Text block: The Equality Officer is the main contact for the entire community on equality…