Sciences Po Aix offers three programmes for international students:

The « Certificat d’Etudes Politiques » (CEP)

A one-year university certificate course, composed of :


  • One compulory 20 hour module per semester.
  • Two small group seminars per semestre (conférences de méthode)
  • 4 other selected modules per semester.
  • Total of 140 hours contact time per semester.
  • Total of 60 ECTS credits (30 per semester)


The « Programme d’Etudes Politiques » (PEPA)

The Political Studies Programme, which takes place over a full academic year, focuses on students who wish to follow a more personalized programme, offering a more flexible approach than that of the CEP. Transcripts with marks and credits obtained are issued to each student and/or to their home university at the end of the academic period.

The PEPA offers a combination of modules and seminars adding up to a maximum total of 34 credits per semester, in accordance with the student’s field of studies and course selection, and with approval from the home university.


The « Programme d’Etudes Politiques Semestriel » (PEPS)

PEPS is a flexible programme which allows students to build their own study programme for one semester. Students are welcome to enroll in a combination of 4 credit modules and 5 credit conférences de méthode (seminars) for a maximum total of 34 credits. At the end of the semester, students and university partners receive an official transcript of records.