Sciences Po Aix, a ‘Grande Ecole’ in Provence

Founded in 1956, Sciences Po Aix is one of the nine Political Studies Institutes in France, and the only one situated on the Mediterranean coast.
It is a ‘Grande Ecole’ in the university and combines a culture of excellence and multidisciplinary ambition, resolutely pointing towards firms (60% of our graduates), high-ranking civil service (entrance exams) and research.

A qualification recognized both in France and abroad

Sciences Po Aix is only accessible through a very selective entrance exam. During their course, all the students spend a year abroad, either in a university or a company. This confirms the international vocation of the school.
The last two years of the course are open to outside candidates and are characterised by a more in-depth specialisation, leading to three types of Masters Degree: Professional, Research or a combination of both.
At the end of their studies in Sciences Po Aix, the students who complete the five year course will receive a double diploma; the Political Studies Institute of Aix-en-Provence diploma, and the Sciences Po Masters degree relevant to their specialisation.

Entrance Exams

Sciences Po Aix also hosts a preparation centre for public administration (CPAG) which provides training for candidates looking for high level positions of responsibility (civil service, armed forces, justice etc).
These high level preparation courses are all sponsored by the corresponding ministries and schools.


Another of Sciences Po Aix’s paramount goals is top quality academic research. Linked with three PhD schools, Sciences Po Aix, since 2008, has a unique research centre, known as CHERPA (Beliefs, History, Space, Political and Administrative Regulation) that groups all research around three main axes: Governance and Public Policies, Cultural and Religious Changes, and Territories and Globalisation.

An ongoing training

Sciences Po Aix offers specialised courses and ongoing training in order to provide professionals with the opportunity to give added value to their career through high quality multidisciplinary training.

An international vocation

Through a partnership with the Albert Ludwig de Freiburg-im-Breisgau University, Sciences Po Aix offers a French-German bilingual degree, awarding students with a double diploma.
Sciences Po Aix now has numerous exchange programs through partnerships with close to 100 different universities in the world: the school therefore welcomes 120 foreign students a year.
On top of these academic exchanges, students have the opportunity to do internships abroad in large international firms.

“Sciences Po Aix favours a broad approach to local, national and international matters and provides the necessary tools to find answers to major issues. Recently, the school has taken part in joint actions with public and private partners at both national and international levels in order to achieve the increased professionalization hoped for through the setting up of the five year degree (including a Masters degree). By reinforcing its links with important economic partners, Sciences Po Aix has broadened even more the wide range of job opportunities granted by this much sought-after qualification.”

Christian Duval, Director, Sciences Po Aix